Posting Definitios Vs Postinng Profiles

Dear All,

Can I knwo what is the difference between posting profile and posting definitions

Is there any changes between these two concepts

Can we use both at a time

If I use posting definition for AP,AR then no need to creat posting profiles in AP and AR ?

Please help me on these

Thanks, this can help you to understand better

I am also getting confused , can any one explain with an example of difference between these two .

can any one explain with an example of difference between these two .

The above link says Posting definitions are an alternative to posting profiles. I am getting confused about the sentence . Could any pioneer help me to understand the concept.

Thanks in advance.

Any help ?

Hi Rupesh / Lally,

I hope you people must have referred the Link sent by kranthi, as it states posting definition are the alternatives to Posting Profile. As Posting Definition is advanced feature given in AX .

This Posting Definition is best used for Public Limited company, and we get to see the use of this at time of performing year End Close in AX 2012**(Feature Pack)** as we do not find (Account for Transfer of Year-End result) this filed is missing in Feature Pack. At this post of time the system will alert the User to set the Posting Definitions.

Now in R2 we have the field to provide the Account for Transfer of Year- End result.

Hope this will help in better understanding the difference among the two…[Y]

… It would be happy if Rupesh verifies the Solution …

Thanks Ashwin ,

Bit confusing your statements

Could you clarify whether this field is available or not ?

Retained earning account would configure in the system accounts form , why we need to select again ?

Hi lally,

We have the Transfer Account in R2, the use of that is at the time of running the Year end Process we have to specify this account (in other words we are making the application to understand that all the balances needs to be posted to this respective account).

And there is no need to specify the same account under System Account.

Hope this will give you better understanding

… kindly verify the solution …

Thanks Ashwin ,

Seems to be many improvements in AX 2012 R2 compared with AX 2012.

But I request you explain with an example of difference between the Posting Definitions Vs Posting profile , becuase we use Posting profiles only.