posting date range error

I have not been able to post (receive) a PO. I have verified that the posting date range is correct, what else can be the cause of this error? Posting date range is 12/1/2012 to 12/31/2012

posting date on the PO is 12/4/2012

1777.12-4-2012 4-55-45 PM.png

You may know that Posting Date range could be set in two places:

Financial Setup ->General Ledger Setup

Application Setup->User Setup

There is a priority rule for them. Anyway If you have check them both, then you could activate the debugger and see what causes this error!

This errors causes only when Cost Adjustment is set automatically and If your purchase date is not within your posting date then this error will occurs as Navision try to post cost adjustment on purchase date of item .

I have checked the dates in both places, they are set to 12/1/2012 … 12/31/2012 and the posting dates on the PO are

5342.12-5-2012 8-33-08 AM.png

The order date and receipt dates are in November but this shouldn’t matter.

6837.12-5-2012 8-35-39 AM.png

during the debugger the error is in the item journal line , field posting date (but the error msg told me that)


Set the dates from 11/01/12 to 12/31/12 it will resolve ur problem

My question is what value is creating this error? Th posting date on the PO is in Dec. What value in November is this trying to post. Accounting has closed down November posting

Is there any customization?

I tried your scenario and working fine in base database…

I am not sure there is customization to this module, there is custimization to Job module and an asset module…but we are realizing that this error is only happening in certain cases, we are able to receive/Invoice other PO’s so i am confused. Opening up the period to november posting will post this but we dont want users to post in november


It looks like i need to review the inventory costing manual, this has to do with the document date being in november, the gl opened up from 11/1-12/31 , and the user setup being 12/1 to 21/31 NAV attempts to use the first date from the GL that it is open from… I believe… this is still a little fuzzy

The issue is with the adjust cost routine. The adjust cost routine tries to post the adjustment as at the date but will use the starting date off the General Ledger if the date is in the past (depends on the costing setup).

Basically the costing routine is tring to post before the user’s date range . To allow this through, either change the G/L date range to that of the user or extent the user to the G/L setup.

For this I have done something following in Navision

Codeunit 21

Function :- CheckAllowedPostingDate

//IF (“Posting Date” < AllowPostingFrom) OR (“Posting Date” > AllowPostingTo) THEN // Original Line of Code

IF (“Posting Date” < 010411D) OR (“Posting Date” > AllowPostingTo) THEN //Replace Line of Code

Thanks for the help!!