Posting Date is not allowed within the range... relating to Rounding Entry type

Hi All,

How can I prevent the system to post rounding cost adjustment for closed periods.?

Scenario is:

  1. Post 3 items on purchase order at 150.00 with discount of 50.00 at 1st of Oct. . Net amount is 100.

  2. I sold 2 items within Oct.

  3. I post 1 item in 1st of Nov. and my user id’s allowed posting date is 01 Nov onwards only. (Cannot post in Oct.)

  4. When I do the posting, system prompt me that " Posting Date is not within your range of allowed posting dates in Item Journal Line Journal Template Name=",Journal Batch Name=",Line No.=‘0’."

I know this is because of the Rounding Adjustment from my purchases on 1st of Oct.

Can we prevent the system to post rounding adjustment on the open periods instead on the original posting dates?


Hi Lee,

I’m not quite sure that I understand the problem here. What exactly is it you’re posting when you get the error? And what rounding entry are you talking about?

And I forgot to ask which version are you using? [:)]

Check Inventory Setup - I think there is automatic cost adjustment. If you turn this off, then you should be able to post the sale.

How come you can post entries in Future Month ???

As well as where you are putting date in Transaction ? Is it on Line level or Header Level ??

If your user id is set for Novemeber then how you can post the entries in month of October

The key here, I believe is the use of Inventory Periods. However these were only introduced from 5 onwards I think.

If you are on 5, then you must set these up, to avoid this issue

If you are on an earlier version, then you will have to control the posting through the Post per Posting Group in the Post Cost to GL


“Inventory Periods” is local functionality, but available in several countries. But yes, that could be what’s causing the problem. Assuming that Lee uses this. We don’t know because he didn’t answer my question in regards to which version this is about.

Have a great weekend.