posting date in value entry table

Hi ,

As I know the cost is updated by an entry in the value table , with the same posting date of the item ledger entry.

But i have now very few entries that the cost is updated by posting date different from the posting date in the item lrdger entry.

Any body has illustration for this reason ? if this normal why ? this will make difference between item ledger entry table and value entry if we collect data due to posting date .

thank you in advance

Hi Jouhayna,

Is there more that one value entry for the item ledger entry?

I suspect that you are looking at an adjustment in the cost on the item and it posts a second entry onto the value entry.

There is nothing wrong here. When you run the Cost-Adjust-Batch, NAV initially tries to post adjustments on the same date as the original entry. But if this date is “blocked” (e.g. in GL/ Setup), NAV uses the first date possible according to G/L Setup.
And - yes - this causes a difference between the item-entries. And this is ok too. Because now there is no difference between item-enries and G/L Entries!

Btw - the way NAV handles this depends very much on the version. 5.0 SP1 is the one referred to here.

Hello ,

We are using navision 4 sp 1 ------ thanks Anfinnur for the new information …that’s right newly i blocked the date on G/l setup… the advantage of this not adjusting the cost of the previous entries …and the second advantage as you said we awil not have difference betweenG/L entry and item ledger entry

but the disadvantages if you have reports depends on item ledger enrty and reports depends on the value entries …we will have here differences …

So do you think alll the reports related to costs must be done on value entries …to have the correct cost due to the right period ?

I am repeating my thanks … Expert people like you , make us learn also .

Look at standard report 1001 (Inventory Valuation) - that’s the report i use a lot, and it is good! You find it in menusuite “Financial Management” → Inventory → Reports → “Inventory Valuation”.

The report will show you numbers pr. Ending Date (see report-Option-tab).
The Starting- and Ending Date are used as interval to show increases and decreases within that period.
But the totals will allways include numbers prior to the Starting Date as well.

Try it… [:)]

[Y] great advise. Getting to grips with how the value entry table is updated and interpreted is the basis of understanding how Nav handles costing. The other variable to examine/test is how Item Charges affect the cost.

thank you Anfinnur and daveT … was good topic … really to understand cost in navision not easy …

thank you for your help and attention

You’re welcome, glad to help [:D]

[:)], I encountered this problem also,Now I know how to solve it.

thanks a lot!