Posting Date for the Adjust Cost - Item Entries report

My question is what Posting Date should I use when running the Adjust Cost - Item Entries report?

We are running Navision v 3.70 Native database. Nearly all of our Inventory uses Average Costing, we do not use Automatic Cost Posting or Expected Cost Posting.

Up until now we have run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries report once each month immediately prior to running Post Inventory Cost to G/L and we used the end of the calendar month as the Posting Date.

We have had some problems getting accurate costs when inventory is posted to a Job and so we have decided to run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries report every day.

Should we continue to use the end of the current calendar month for the Posting Date or would we be better using the WORKDATE?

Thanks for your attention.


First of all. Unless there was a big change recently in Navision that I missed, inventory costing does not get adjusted to Jobs. I think the only way you will get proper costing in Jobs is if you use standard costing. But I could be wrong. (I could be wrong though, since I have not looked at Jobs in great detail in Navision Since about ver. 3.10)

The main effect the Posting Date has in the adjustment routine, is it determines the date that the value entries are updated, which means when filtering, that this is the date that will give you an acurate Inventory Valuation. The most important thing, is to NEVER back date the Inventroy Adjustment date to any date prior to and Purchases or Sales, and prefereable nevre backdate at all unless you are really sure why you are doing it. If for example today is Oct 24, and you want to run this for September. Well if you put in a date of Sep 30, and you had purchases and sales invoices in October, then its possible to get Negative inventory valuations for thos items. Also you can get an item that has 0 on hand, and a positive value on the GL. Of course you can also get errors like this by running the Adjustment process, and then posting back dated Purchase invoices, and running adjustment again.

The key is don’t back date the process.

My recomendation is to run the porcess as often as possible, each night if you can. Ideally just before midnight, and dated to that same day. Then always at the financial end of month, someone else should manually run the process again to make certain that it ran. This way at worst case you are at least able to go back and get an end of financial month inventory valuation.

So to answer your question, the date should be the actual date when you run it. But if you always run it forward to the end of the current financial period, then at least you can get a valid month end report, evne though mid month it will be a bit wonky.

Thank you David. [:)]

Glad to be of serivce.[:D]

David you are correct when you say that inventory costing does not get adjusted to Jobs; but running Adjust Cost - Item Entries more frequently will at least ensure that the “Unit Cost” on the Item card will be more accurate (up to date). Our Job costing doesn’t have to be exact just better. [:)]

And, I beleive, you could create a report that reads the costs for item transactions (from the Job Ledger) from the Value Entry table.