Posting Credit Memo - Inventory adjustment


I recently booked a sales credit memo which put the item back into inventory (fin_goods) in the sales module. Now I need to adjust the inventory back to RAWMAT which is a different location with a different part number. When I do the adjustment back to RAWMAT do I book the direct unit cost in Euro, or USD? I don’t want the inventory to be off on either Fin_goods or RAWMAT…

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Hi Debra,

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I’m not quite sure why you think that it’s important if you use Euro or USD. How are you doing the adjustment? Again using a credit memo?

Normally I would use the Item Journal to do such a manual adjustment, and here it’s always your company’s primary currency.

Hi and thank you for getting back to me, the adjustment is necessary as a second booking. The item was adjusted back to inventory upon posting the credit memo. However the inventory needs a second adjustment separate from the credit memo. I see what you mean about the currency…I was not sure if the inventory totals would be off…either way

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