Posting Check in Nav

Can someone help me in these problems :
1- Is the payment journal the only way to enter a check payment in Nav ?
2- What codeunit is used to post check in check ledger entry ?
3- the relation between Gen.Journal Line and Check ledger entry ?

Thanks a lot for help

IN version

1- You can use Bank Payment or Bank Receipt Vouchers also.

2- Codeunit 12

3- Check ledger entry is for Bank Reco.

for the codeunit 12, is it used to post all the kinds of journals in Nav ? because posting gen.journal line uses also the same codeunit !
and if wa admit this why for sales journal we have two codeunits to post sales journal ( 80 and 12 ) also for the purchase journal ?

12 is used to post in general ledger or the G/L entry table.

You can say financial data is posted through codeunit 12.