Posting Charge Item..

Hi, I there a way to post the CHARGE ITEM, although it not Assign to an Posted RECIEVED?hoping for your reply…TY

What are you trying to achieve?

The point of the charge item is it is assigned to another transaction - this can for an example be a shipment, not a receipt, this then uplifts all the costs appropriately. If you do not want this costing integration post direct to the GL or post a resource. Not sure what you are trying to achieve, you maybe using a hammer where a screwdriver is needed.

We want to post the Charge Item Although the Item is not Hand, The Scenario:

  1. We purchase the Item to another Country.

  2. Then We make a PO to Vendor BUERO of CUSTOM.

I the Line we create a CHARGE ITEM. then we need to post that.Although the we dont have item assignment,

Becuse Phisycaly we dont have the Item,yet.It still in the BUERO of CUSTOM.But we must pay first the BUERO of CUSTOM.

Is my explination is clear?[:)]

Nope it is not clear.

Even with a direct shipment NAV books stock in and then moves it out again, so you will have a receipt to assign it to.

Charge Item must be always assigned to something, BUT the line must not necessarily be in the same PO/SO. You may have a PO containing only Charge Item lines, and assign them to lines in other PO - just examine the assignmet form, there is a function Get Lines…