Posting budgets to Balance Sheet Accts

We have a client wanting to use balance sheet budgets as benchmarks. However, the account schedule posts running balances for budget amounts, not ending balances. Is there a way to cheat the system so if I had an entry of $20,000 for each month in my receivables account, my February balance sheet would show $20,000 instead of $40,000 (represented by the sum of January and February).

Hi, You check the Column Layout of Account Schedule.There you can set the formula that will be applicable for entire coulmn not for the individual row.

You realy need to modify the Account Schedule reports to do this, so that you can have a row level function to then allow you to combine Balance sheet accounts and PL accounts with the same set of columns. Its actually pretty simple, and your NSC will have it done for you in a couple of hours.