Posting brought forward fixed assets in AX09 - help!


I am trying to post the brought forward fixed assets in AX, and need some help please! I have looked at the MS help files and docs, but cannot find a solution. My question is - what is the purpose of, and difference between, the Depeciation Books and the Value Models? As they seem to be performing the same job in AX, so do I just set up Value Models against Asset Groups, or Depreciation Books, or both??

I am assuming they both allocate an asset to a depreciation profile, so I set up one Value Model and one Depreciation Book based on our depreciation policy, which happens to be 4 Year Straight Line for everything.However I cannot call both of these 4 YR, as they cannot share the same name, so they must both be doing something similar as they are being stored in the same table??

Any help very appreciated, thanks

Value model connects FA to GL but if ur FA has only depreciation book and no Value Model attached then the depreciation transactions would not be posted to GL.

This feature enables a company to set up and run one depreciation method for book purposes and one or more additional depreciation method(s) for tax purposes.