Posting Batch Job - HOW-TO

I have my own table of documents and want them to be posted to the journal (I also create journal myself) - how to write this posting procedure? I mean, where can I see some examples?

Assuming you didn’t go to the trouble of Creating Journal Templates or Batchs: Create the folling Variables: YourLgr Record Type representing your Ledger Table or the table to “post” into. YourJrn Record Type representing your Journal. NextEntryNbr Integer Type Posting Code: if YourLgr.Find(’+’) then //Find the Last Record NextEntryNbr = YourLgr.“Entry No.” Else NextEntryNbr = 0; if YourJrn.Find(’-’) then repeat YourLgr.Init; //Initialize the Record variable. NextEntryNbr := NextEntryNbr + 1; YourLgr.“entry no.” := NextEntryNbr; //… //Transfer other fields here //… YourLgr.Insert; YourJrn.Delete; until YourJrn.Next = 0; This is very basic but, it does follow standard Navision Programming & Naming conventions. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117