Posting an invoice and CN to one Purchase order

Hi, I am a new Nav user so sorry if this is a dumb question.

A vendor has invoiced us for some stock but made an error with the quantity.

Realising the error they have now issued a credit note.

My question is, how can I post the two documents against one purchase order to ensure the correct amount is allocated to the stock?



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i think this same question has been posted by someone else too. maybe you cant find what you are looking for in that post!

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The best course of action would be to enter the invoice and credit memo exactly as they appear from your vendor. If you then need to make an adjustment to the inventory value for internal purposes, you can do an item journal.

So what you are suggesting is as follows:?

In Purchase order, adjust quantity to match invoice, then post purchase invoice (effectively closing off the PO)

Do a negative adjustment item journal to take out the additional quantity,

Post the credit memo against the GL account where the adjustment is as a result of the item journal.


Why not just add a line for the negative quantity. Initially post the invoice, the negative line keeps the order open. Then post the negative line which corrects the stock and reflects the credit, all against the same purchase order.

Excellent, sounds like the easiest solution, Thanks

No I was thinking of posting the invoice as it was issued by the vendor, then creating a credit memo as issued by the vendor (I believe you can do ‘copy doc’ and refer to the original invoice). Now your A/P is up to date as the vendor issued their documents. If you need further value adjustment of the items, you can enter an item journal to adjust cost however you see fit.