Posting affects which tables

I want to know that when we post the data which all tables get modified. I want the reply to be very precise and understandable since I have to develop a web service for the same.

Post an invoice and try it out.

And I WANT a million dollars and a Ferrari, doesn’t mean someone will just come out and give it to me for nothing.

This is the LAZIEST post I have read on this forum in a long time. Why not just post the customer request and ask us to write the whole thing for you.

Even if you think that it is the laziest post still you must accept the fact that no person knows everything. So if a user has posted such a query it should be answered not mocked at.

Sorry - nobody here is obliged to answer… Forums are driven by volunteers, we do it on our will and spend OUR time helping people for free. We are NOT OBLIGED to do your or someone’s else job INSTEAD of you.

Please don’t become obssesive, and if you need instant reply, call Microsoft paid support line or HIRE someone to solve your problems instantly.

Case closed. [:@]