Posting a Recurring Journal with Vendor/Cust/Bank

Hi all, I want to post a Recurring General Journal in the Purchasing Module. It is about a recurring service invoice received periodically from a vendor, and the invoice total will be allocated to the overhead account with respect to different dimensions. Thanks to Navision, it is easy so far, if you choose the Account type=G/L Account. However, if the line reads as Acc.Type=Vendor, Acc.Type=…, General Posting Type=Purchase, then I get a warning message saying that, General Posting Type area should be blank. Where as I expect that to be Purchase. Obeying the above warning, I try again, while leaving the General Posting type=blank; and this time I receive a different message saying that, VAT Business Posting Group is not defined. I know this is because, the system wants from me to set which VAT group to use, depending on if this is a sales or a purchase action. But, I am not allowed to go either way. What is missing? What is wrong? Is it not allowed to use Vendor, Customer, Bank cardsin recurring journals? Are we bound to use only G/L accounts in the recurring journals?

If Rec. Gen. Jrl main screen has “Document Type” = Invoice, “Account Type”=Vendor, “Account No.”=10000, Amount=-5000 (You owe them). You should then allocate the offset to the G/L Accounts. This pattern should allow you to post without any problems. I dont’ think you need to populate or even show “Gen. Posting Type”. Remember main screen is the vendor, Allocation screen is the G/L. Don’t forget to assign dimensions to both the main screen and the allocation screen, otherwise only half will get dimensions.[8D]

Dear Geovanny, Yes, I am preparing the recurring journal exactly as defined. And, I can not post the document, due to the deadlock described in my previous message. Have you tested this, on your side? (But you know; selecting “Document Type=Invoice” has no effect to the result. It is just an information field only on your tables/reports etc for tracking the entries. The real trigger is in the General Posting Type. There you define, if it is a sales or a purchase. If you don’t use this field, the VAT can not be calculated. Otherwise, the system will not know which type of VAT account to post to…)