Posting a cost to a BOM without an associated inventory transaction.

We want to include an item on a BOM which has a cost but is not tracked in the inventory ledger. The three ways that I are possibilities I believe are to use a resource or a charge item or possibly a non-stock item. There is a flag on the item card named “Material Plan,” I believe this flag tells MRP not to include this item in planning but am not sure if this might accomplish what we need.

Hi Kurt,

None of resorces, charge items, non stock items, items type=service or inventory value zero items can be used in Production BOMs. I would suggest to handle this as a routing. Set up a Work Center, set Unit Cost Calculation to Quantity and check mark Specific Unit Cost. Create calendar and add a proper Prod. Posting Group to it.
Then use this Work Center in your Routing, setting the specific cost for different routings in the “Unit Cost Per” field.

Hope this helps!