Postet vendor invoice with value - but zero stock value

Hi everybody!

We’ve got problems with our stock value. There are many stock transactions with quantity but without financial cost amount.

Normally the financial cost amount should be postet after posting the vendor invoice. But the financial cost amount doesn’t change! Also we can see that there are missing two voucher transactions.

The strange thing is that other batches (identical!!!) of these products got a financial cost amount and the missing voucher transactions!

What can be the Problem ??? Could that be a consistency problem ?

Thank you!

Have you run the inventory close process to push the costs through?

Thank you for your answer.

No, we dind’t run the inventory close process. But we startet the recalculation process, this should have same effect. The Inventory close process will also only run the recalculation and close the month for further actions. But the recalculation does not change anything…

But anyway, I will test the closing process today

Have you more solutions ?

Hi Benjamin,

Please verify the item model group setting? Maybe someone tampered the item model group setup.

What are the two vouchers that are missing?