Posted Sales Invoice from Restaurant


Our Partner created (modified) standard Posted Sales Invoice that is satisfactory for a catering invoice showing items then subtotal then taxes then total. However, for the restaurant invoice to a customer the Invoice is showing only lines with the receipts numbers in description and not showing any taxes. Then the restaurant invoice shows zero taxes and Total. This invoice is definitely not satisfactory as customers actually paying taxes and all those taxes exist on receipts that are shown on the invoice but in a one line per a receipt without any details and without taxes.

Our partner is explaining that it’s impossible to provide those details that goes from POS. While I understand it’s difficult but those details exist for receipts. So, I’m wondering:

  1. If those details could be brought to the Invoice somehow from a Transaction table
  2. Or at list if there is a possibility to use a receipt URL, etc. to include it in an Invoice Preview and Print so when the Posted Sales (restaurant) Invoice would print it would print with all those detailed receipt. Of course, the Posted Invoice code should identify all those receipts. Now, our users is doing/finding all supporting receipts manually that takes hours to support the Invoice with details.

Could anybody help with ideas on the problem?