Posted Reversal General journal is not working

Posted Reversal General journal is not working …Pls help …Any setting to be done…REverseentry and date field has been checked

What type of transactions you are trying to reverse?

If one account is from Vendor, Customer, Bank and Fixed Asset then it can only be reversed from respective module.

Hi Sachin,

Thanks for the reply

Users tried to place Accrual Expenses in General Journal of journal type “Daily” …The Account type is “Ledger” only…They checked the Reversing entry and reversing date on 1st march 2013 for Automatic reversing

But the Entries did not reverse on 1st march.Can I know whther any setup is to be done before automatic reversing.

Check the entries created by that voucher. There should be two vouchers created, one for normal entry and other for reversing.

System created reversing entry at the same time that of normal voucher.


HI Pranav,

The GL was created on 28/02/2013 and automatic reversal date entry is on 1’st of march…I cannot see two entries and checked thorughly in Ledger trans…My doubt is how system identifies the reversal date of (01/03/2013) to run reversal automatically.Is there a batch periodic job in order to run the reversal.

Let’s say you created one voucher with reversing entry as true. When you post that voucher, system will post two vouchers instead of 1.

First voucher will be posted on 2/28 and reversing will be posted at 3/1. Since two vouchers are posted simultaneously, there is no need of any batch.

Check the journal lines.


I tested out it in testing server It is working .I have doubt

There is one reversal entry & date and journal header (journal table) that is not working.

But when I tried using line by giving the dates (JOurnal trans) Its creates two different line.and two different voucher

In the AX help It is mentioned ,provinding details in header part is enough to create the reversal entry…

Which one is correct why and what is the difference betwwen the two…

Both ways are correct. AX gives you flexibility here.

When reversal is checked on journal and reversal date is entered, all the vouchers in line will have reversal checked by default.

However, if you want some voucher not to be posted with reversal entry, uncheck reversal at line level. This way you can post vouchers with reversal checked and unchecked at the same time.