Posted receipt fields cannot be seen in item ledger entry


Need help in updating the fields in ITEM LEDGER ENTRY table.

after doing this

Now, I need to put also the NoOfDays Remaining and Date of Expiration in ITEM LEDGER ENTRY table. I did the same thing in that table. but upon doing the simulation of PO → Post(Receive) → Get Receipt → Post → Posted Whse. Receipt Line

It should also reflect in ITEM LEDGER ENTRY with the same code. but it did not reflect

How could I make it appear in ITEM LEDGER ENTRY TABLE?

Hi Ruby,

If No of Days Remaining is based upon a calculation of the Date of Expiration compared to “today”, then I wouldn’t put this field into the table, because it would change tomorrow. Doing it would require you have a job which every day would update all your item ledger entries. Instead I would put it as variable into the form or report and calculate it whenever it is needed.

Date of Expiration exists already (called Expiration Date in standard NAV) should be set when you post you entry.

Thanks for your response Sir Erik,

Expiration Date is not in Whse. Receipt Lineand already existing in Posted Warehouse Receipt Line, that’s why I added the “Expiration Date2” in Whse. Receipt Line to have the same id with Posted Warehouse receipt line.