Posted Purchase Order in Value Entry

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Is it possible to include the description lines of the posted Purchase Order in the Value Entry? Is it in the set up only?

I already simulated a process up to posting of Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice, but the thing is that only the posted Purchase Invoice “charge item” can be seen in the value entry. If the purchase invoice line type is “Item”, it cannot be seen in the value entry after posting.

Is this just the default set up guy’s?

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If look at the coding in Codeunit 22, InitValueEntry Functon

IF Description = Item.Description THEN

ValueEntry.Description := ''


ValueEntry.Description := Description;

Value Entry description is inserted only when description is not equal to master item description…

Thank you so much Mohana. I got the code that you mean in the Codeunit 22. [:)]

Welcome [:)]

Please click verify button on the post which solved your problem…