Posted Purchase Invoice number

dear all!!!

Can anyone please suggest that while i post the posted invoice is it possible to show the posted invoice number in a popup.

Thanks in advance…

Write a message after the function call in the Post button of Sales Order/Invoice Screen.

Which version of NAV? It does it standard in NAV 2017+.

Everything that you need is in standard NAV, you need to look in right place and think in a diffrent way.

If you have post button then you also have a Post and Print button which print the invoice when posting is done, so somehow NAV Gets the posted invoice no. and then run the report with that number right?

So look in codeunit 82 and see how invoice no. is derived from sales order after posting. Once you find it out you know how to generate a popup.

** Debug and learn, we can answer you later if required, but you will learn from this scenario how system does it.