Posted Payment

Heres the situation. I HAD setup my Payment Table (Table 289) with a code called CASH. For CASH I HAD a Balancing Account of Bank, and a Balancing Account Number equal to a bank I have set up. I know have a handful of Purchasing Invoices that have gone right through with a payment against the Bank. Does anyone know of a way to reverse this, to reopen the Invoice? (Remember, these were not paid with a check - but offset/closed to a bank account) Thanks

There is no way to unapply a payment or application. You will need to re-invoice (for internal purposes) to create an open customer entry.

There exists a US add-on to un-apply payments. I just don’t know if it’s only for the Customer Ledger of if it also applies to the Vendor Ledger. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

We have such an add-on, you can read more at our website

2 Shawn: I ve corrected similar situation manually trough sql querys. The best way- delete invoice and payment. And post them again. It is possible if u work on ms-sql or have licence with “solution developer”

It is NOT recommended by Navision to do simple deletes in the posted entries tables, because it will destroy the audit trails and also leave related data in other tables with reference to these entries.

Alexander, It may be possible. It’s also possible to delete entries. Manually changing such entries be actually be illigal in many countries (at least here in Denmark). A complete tracking description is required my most systems, and just the fact that you CAN CHANGE IT DIRECTLY is enough to scare away most public accountant from the system. But it’s also very unlikely that an end-user buys the complete solution developer license to do this, or even that he call in his NSC consultant to do this. The problem is not big in most countries (and CAN - but should not - be solved in the way you describe), but in the US, where most payments are still done using checks - here there is a real need to unapply payments on a more or less daily basis (every time a check bounches - which in some industries happen more often than good is - since sending bounching checks is a federal crime!). So for users in the US I suggest to buy one of the many add-ons existing to solve this problem. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster