Posted Output Journal

Dear All,

Can someone tell me where i can see the posted Output Journal in Navision, Suppose i have done a complete production of a respective FG and if i want to see how many Production has been done. Then from where i can see the history of Production

Kindly Suggest.

Thanks in Advance


Preeti Sarawat


Finance Mangment->General Ledger->History->navigate

search with your document no


Jerome Marshal. j


Select the production Order

Order–>Entries–>Item Ledger Entries…

Dear Mohana,

I have tried the same, but i want to see the history of all production done in one go. Is there any way to see the history of entire production done till date.

What do you mean of history?

what all you want to see?

I want to see the total production done till date

For a single item or production order or total items and total production orders?

please be clear on your question…don post 1 sentense questions…

Hi Preeti,

All the posted production order will under history menu of manufacturing.The previous suggestions will show the entries passed to ledger but you want to see the posted document then

Manufacturing->History->Finished Production orders


Jerome Marshal. J

Hi Marshal,

I am unable to see the posted Output Journal. And also the FG Produced, Kindly suggest. I have tried to see by going to manufacturing History but it is not showing anything, It was coming Blank.

Go to Item Ledger Entry table

Set filter on Entry Type as Output

You will see all Output entries posted…