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Hi Masters,

First of all i want to say onething , that is i worked on navision . i am new to Axpata.

so i know the navision process . so i am looking that transaction in Axapta in different way.( different termonology)

when it comes to navision when i receive the material from vendor , then Nav system will create the purchase Receipt .

then what about that doucment in Axapta ( may be u call it as different name ) .

what is the path to find out that doucment .

that means one Purchase order will contain many receipts / Invoices . so how to check that one in Axapta.

Please do this needful.

Purchase Order - Inquiries - Delivery Note.

If there is more than one line listed there were multiple receipts.

Thanks Adam,

i am working on AX 4.0 , No customizatrion.

In Purchase order form , i gone through the Inquiries function , but it does not have the deliver note .

let me know .

It is the third option, one before invoice, depending what it is called in your version.


pirchase order - > inquiry - options

  1. Purchase order

2 Receipt slist

  1. packing list

  2. Invoice .

i have these options . let mw know which one.

Packing Slip is your Receipt Note