Posted AR OB with wrong posting date


What can I do when I posted the Customer Opening Balance in NAV 2013 R2 with wrong posting date?


All of them? If so and assuming document numbers reflect actual invoice numbers etc load in negative entries via data migration. If same document number use reverse transaction process. Then amend posting date and start data load process again. No shortcuts!


Thanks Neil Fraser,

Whole OB was reversed and re-post again in system.

Hope you have kept the base excel where you have details of customers and its opening balances. Just reverse the amount (if customer x had $1000 Debit then this time you change it to $-1000 and post the same on same date. your customer and other balancing account will become zero.

Once it is done. post the correct balances with correct date.

I went to G/L register page, clicked on Reverse Register to reverse the whole OB. Once done, use Rapid start to import the correct OB for client to re-post it again. I find it more easy for a beginner user.