Post-upgrade bugs

Dear All

I have successfully upgraded from 3.1 to 3.7. I have facing two errors in new database. First error is in Excell Buffer table and also same error exists in other tables that uses library. The error is ‘cannot upload the selected library’, however the table do run.

The second error is appearing in Employee table, although it is compiled successfully, this error appearing when i take the backup of the database OR run the test for the database.

Please help, i will appreciate it.



In first error can you enabled debug and tell me line where errors appear.
In second error can you copy error message.

I take for granted that you have MS Office installed on your system. Which version is it? How did you install the Dynamics client?

You may try to install Office again - I know there are smarter ways to solve the problem, but I used to call the system administrator for that! [:P]

For the first error i think Anna is correct, because the MS Office isnt installed in the machine, i would install and check.

The second error appears when i try to make backup of the database, although there is nothing wrong with the Employee table. Remember that i am not using SQL Server as the backend. I am using only Navision database locally. Please explain me

The second error is:

Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision
There is an error in the database structure.
The error (1190 in module 19) may have been caused by the computer or a program.

Table: Employee
Key Fields: No.

First check the database by clicking File, Database, Test and then click Maximum.
If you still get the same error, you should:

1) Make a backup of the database by copying the database file(s).
2) Use the built-in function to make a backup.
3) If this works, create a new database WITHOUT deleting the database that contains the error(s).

Restore the backup (made with the built-in backup function) into the new database, and test it by clicking File, Database, Test and then click Maximum.
If this procedure does not work, any changes to the database done after the most recent backup are lost.
Restore the most recent backup (made with the built-in backup function) and test it.
For security reasons, you should save the old database until you have used the new one for a period of time.
Warning! This error MUST be corrected before you can continue. Contact your system manager if you need assistance.


From KB:

Internal Error 1190 in module 19 occurs when performing a Navision Backup on the SQL Server Option.
Note - This message refers to lowercase letters existing in a CODE field. This cannot be done in the Navision client.

You must simply convert to uppercase Employee No.

Now that every this is OK. Now what i have to do is to merge this customized 3.7 database to another 3.7 database. Is this possible? If yes , then what is the best procedure to do that?

Use upgrade toolkit