Post some items movement using X++ code

I am involved in a project on a AX 3.0.

I must have moved a number of goods from one place to another in the warehouse.

I know ItemID, Quantity, From-WMSLocationId and To-WMSLocationId.

What is the easiest way to register this movement in AX?


I did something like, a few month ago, I developped a class with method that loop on InventSum table to populate InventJournalTrans, then you have to insert relative records to inventTrans table, 2 rows for on emovement, the first with negative qty the second with positive qty., there’s also something that do what you want: the inventCountcreate class but it’s quite hard to understand so I did my own class. If you provide an email address I’ll send you an xpo with my code



One of my colleges had a solution that solved my problem.

You can find the method on my blog: here