Post RAF in middle Route (Production) AX2012

Hi All,

It is possible post RAF link to middle Route.

For example have route 10,20,30 in production A qty 1000

when route 20 already want to do report as finished qty 200 (because of reject quantity)

that is not the last operation so if tick on automatic report as finished at route card journal will got error.

Ur guys got any idea how AX to handle this case?

Report RAF for the quantity from the production order, dont tick end job,.

Thanks Adam,

you mean in RAF journal?

cause I want the status still started, the another 800 quantity still need process the next operation.

It will create a RAF journal, but set the status to RAF and report 200, by not clicking end job the system sees 800 in progress and leaves the status of the order as started. You seem to be using MES and I think you could report the last operation for 200 and not end the job for the same impact.

Ok thanks,

but how about the cost of resource?