I have just started having issues when I click on the post and print for my general journal and Item journal nothing will print. I have been through everything in the journal template setup and cannot figure this out. It was working and have no idea why I cannot get the printed report any longer. I can print if I do the test but prefer to click one button and post and print at the same time. Any suggestions?



Welcome to DUG!!!

Check in Gen Journal Template which posting report has been set ?

Check wether somebody has done any change in Report or Codeunit

Off topic: I attempted to reply to this post yesterday and I received the “Post Must Be Approved By The Moderator” message.

Why does that come up sometimes and other times the post goes right thru.

Anyway, in case this post does go thru…it usually due to filters on the report on clearing.

It can be fixed in a few ways - one being recompiling the report another is deleting the zup file.