post physical inventory and financial inventory

Dear All,

Does any one know what will happen in module production if the posting phisycal inventory and financial inventory is not selected in item model group ?

Is it required ?

In what kind of condition that both of them should be selected ( espesiallly in production site) ?

Thanks in advance



Parent or component?

Parent - Financial. it would mean it does not cost at the unticked level, so if you do not cost at warehouse it holds cost by sit.

Component - It will cost at the level defined again.

Parent - Physical not checked will book no physical stock in, but it has to be ticked by site so it will not matter

Component - It checks you have enough stock, so if you are consuming from WH1 in Site1 and need 10 but have 0 but at the same time have 10 in your reject warehouse in Site 1 but you did not check physical by warheouse it would let you consume 10.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply.

Is it parent a finish good ?.

For financial inventory, i still don’t understand the effect if i clear in financial inventory in item model.

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Yes parent is a finished item

Create 2 Items, costing method FIFO. Flag 1 as financial at Site and Warehouse, flag the other as just financial at site.

Do the following for both items.

  1. Raise a purchase order for the item with 2 lines.
  2. First line book into site 1 warehouse 11 and book it in at $5
  3. Second line book into site 1 warehouse 12 (or another in 1 not 11) and book in at $10

Now go to the onhand screen and show the site and warehouse dimensions. In each case you have 1 in stock.

Look at the cost field. Item 1 will have a cost of $5 at warehouse 11 and $10 at 12 as you are costing by warehouse.

Item 2 will have a cost of $7.50 bacause you are not costing be warehouse, just site and at the site you have 2 at $15 total which is $7.50