Post Item Journal With Tracking from code in 360

Hi All, I want to fill in and post an item journal from code. The item has lot tracking. In 310 : - fill in the item journal line from code - use the insertitemtrackingline function from Item Tracking Mngt codeunit. However this function no longer exists. A lot of code has been moved to form 6510 apparently, but that form … is kind of difficult to follow. Any ideas ? Thanks !

Please ?


Originally posted by gco
Please ?

Did you try to take a look at PostItemJlnLine function in codeunit 80 or 90? It should do exactly what you are trying to do - post an Item Journal Entry via code. I’m sorry, I can’t offer anything better. I didn’t very much programming on 3.60, yet. [8)] Anna

I know - They didn’t add a function to also transfer Item Tracking Lines :frowning: What I have done, is to make a function that populates a tempory table with the item tracking entries, and use those. But it’s sure as hell isn’t pretty