Post item charge...with out Posted Receipts

Hi, It is posible to post an Item charge…with out posted receipts??Hoping for your reply.

The point of the item charge is to uplift the known cost - you have no known cost!

What are you trying to do?

If it is simply a charge load it on direct to an account or as a resource - why bother with the item charge when you are not using any or the functionality of it?

There is one special situation, when you can have only Charge(Item) in your invoice, BUT you still must assign it to some Receipt/Shipment in some other Invoice/Order - look at Functions in Item Charge assignment form.

This is used, when you receive some invoices about additional charges later (and separate from) the goods invoice - say, Transportation expenses or so.


because in our situation…is we must post and paid the charges before the Item came to us… It like we have advance charges. Hoping for you reply…Any suggestion for work around, if it’s not applicable??thanks

Simply put you cannot use the standard item charge as the charge has to be assigned. Post it as a GL invoice, when the goods come in post another invoice with teh item charge assigned and a negative ledger entry to offset the original cost, then apply it to the original invoice. Otherwise modify the system is your way to go.


would you mind…if you can give step how to do your suggestion…Please…I think i can use your suggestion…Please…Please…hoping for your reply.


  1. When the charge invoice comes in create it and post it direct to a ledger account for expected uplift.

  2. Put the physical invoice somewhere “pending”

  3. The goods come in, load another invvoice with 2 lines. The first is for the item charge and apply this to the goods receipt. The second is a negative entry to the ledger account defined in 1 to reverse the expected uplift.

The total balance of the third invoice is 0 so it will be closed, and all payments due will be made against the fist invoice, which is what you want as this is when it is due.

Very manual, not sure if it fits your needs and you need to control teh expected cost uplift ledger account, but there you are.

Thanks…I will check this one…nice… thanks very much…[Y]