Post Invoice Purchase Order without voucher transaction error

Dear all,

When i post invoice Purchase Order, I select Purchase Order >> Invoice >> Invoice >> Voucher, but there is not voucher transaction.

What did I lack of any setup?

Could you please help me.


Which version it is? What kind of item it is? What are your model group setups?

Hi Kranthi,

It’s Ax 2012 R2. This item is Item product type.

Inventory model: LIFO.

Could you please help.


have you given the amount in purchase order lines?

Does your model group allows the “post financial inventory”?

Hi Kranthi,

Amount in purchse order lines is not zero.

Model group allow “post financial inventory”.


Hi Kranthi,

Do you think am I lack of any setup :frowning: ?


Hi Kranthi,

This problem is come from license which is ended in the past.

I load new license key, then it’s ok.

Thanks much.