Post Inventory Transfer with negative inventory

Dear all,

I set allow posting negative physical inventory in item model group.

Than i do an inventory transfer transaction from site B to site A.

Than in sales order i post an SO,Packing slip and invoice with the site is A.

the ledger in invoice is


Sales (CR)

At the end of the month i do inventory adjustment in site B.

My question is when i see the inventory transfer i don’t see any ledger that post between site.

What should i do ?

Thanks in advance




Check it in the Transactions of the item. it will show what transactions done (Purchase, Transfer, Sales etc)


System doesn’t post any voucher entry on TO posting. It doesn’t treat inventory movement from TO as a financial movement.

In some localization like India, you can activate stock transfer which treats TO as financial transaction.


There is no ledger transaction depending upon the setup as the $10 is still $10 in your stock.