Post Inventory Cost to G/L - Production Orders

We have a 3.60 client who reports that it takes many hours to run the Post Inventory Cost to G/L batch report. I ran it on their production database and saw that it is VERY slow when it gets to part where it says “processing production orders…”. At this time, I believe the report is going through the CapValueEntry data item (Value Entry table), which is set to the “Prod. Order No.” key. There is filter set in the OnPreDataItem trigger as follows: SETFILTER(“Capacity Ledger Entry No.”,‘1…’); Since this client has over 8 million value entries, this takes a long time. This client doesn’t and will never use any of Navisions Manufacturing functionality. There are NO value entries where the “Capacity Ledger Entry No.” is other than zero. Has anyone experienced this or SAFELY made any changes to resolve it? Is there anything I can do to speed up or eliminate the process of “Processing Production Orders” during this routine? I was thinking about some code in OnPreDataItem something like this: Set key to “Capacity Ledger Entry No.” Set filter for “Capacity Ledger Entry No.” <> 0 If no records exist, then skip processing this data item altogether Thanks, Brad

I haven’t looked at in detail, but for some clients this would make a lot of sense.

Hi Brad I have modified the Post Inventory Cost to G/L report for a client in the way that you describe. In this particular case it was certain that there would be no Production orders so I used Currreport.BREAK in OnPredataitem. If you want a more sophisticated test as the one you describe, use a new global variable Value Entry and set appropriate keys and filters, the standard report has the CapValueEntry dataitem sorted by Production Order and then it sets a filter on “Capacity Ledger Entry No.”. No wonder it takes a while to get started…[Duh!]

Thank you David and David. I have done basically what was described and it works fine. Thanks again, Brad