post inventory cost to G\L - Options


In the post inventory cost to G\L - Options Tab u have two options Per posting group, per entry.

If I select Per posting group I have to enter Document No.

Which document no I have to enter here ?

If I select Perposting group then it will create one entry. If I select per entry then system will post lot of entries.I heard this some persons.

So now I want test this how to see that transactions when I run this please let me know.

Please throw one suitable example to know the exact difference between perposting group and Per entry on G\ L Account.


The document number you want to identify the post that will be created

When you post cost per entry, G/L entries will be posted with original source document number. When you post per group Navision will post several document in one entry. You will have to insert some document number, that in a later date help you identity that document.

Thanks Nuno Maia,

Please throw one Practical example to understand really.

(I know inventory costing of Navision).

I could not get how the transactions will happen when u select perposting group.

I could not get how the transactions will happen when u select Per entry.

So please throw one practical example.

I hope u can throw one example.

if you select per item ledger entry:

if you have 2 purchase invoices containing the same item

PI00001 ==> debit purchase, credit vendor 10000

PI00002===>debit purchase credit vendor 5000

system will post 2 entries

PI00001, debit inventory credit direct cost applied 10000

PI00002, debit inventory credit direct cost applied 5000

if you do the same per posting group one entry will be created, at the amount of 15000, having document number the one that you were asked to fill when running the batch job.

Thanks Romeo,

I could understand u r practical example. So if select per posting group , I have to enter that purchase invoice number.

That u had given practical example per entry.

Like that could I know which accounts will effect If if select per Posting group.

I am learning Navision , so please understand the problem.

Please throw that example also…………………

you dont have to enter purchase invoice number in this case, the system will take it automatically.

regarding per posting group, same accounts will be affected as in the previous example, but insetead of wrinting one g/l per document, they are grouped.

Are used the same accounts. Post a few invoices and run and post to G/L accounts and you will see the results.

I purchase two Items A, B. Qty = 10 for both items on 03\06\08.

Agin I purchase above two items A, B qty = 30 on 06\06\08.

Now I sold two items A, B qty = 20(Each item ).

Now I run the A.I.C.E.

Now I run the Post cost to G/L with option Perposting Group.

It is showing error = Please enter document Number.

Why ? Y it is not taking automatically number .

Do I need to enter sales invoice number or Purchase invoice number.

Please let me know .

Thanks and regards

when you select per posting group, you “should” fill the document number,

only when you select per “item ledger entry” the system will use the invoice’s number

Thanks Romeo.

After sales which document number has to enter is it sales invoice or purchase invoice.

Please letme know