Post Inventory Cost to G/L, Closed Period

I am trying to use the Post Inventory Cost to G/L functionality, but i am having an issue with the Closed Period Entry Posting Date in V4.0. I have closed the prior years, and set the posting date to this year, but i am creating entries in prior years. I tested in cronus. Created year thru '06. Closed thru '05. set posting date to '06 (both adjust cost and post inv cost) Entries posted in closed years. Am i doing something wrong? BTW…not an end user…work for a solution center in Hou, Tx

Thank you, I like the easy answers…it work like a charm [^]

The above link is no longer valid.

Anyone know how to prevent postings to prior periods?

I would guess that code changes are required but it looks like it could be quite daunting or even not possible.

Any ideas welcome.

Can you post that link again as it does not connect to the URL when I try it in my browser.

I managed to open the HTML version but it was not the answer.

Version 5 has the answer when you set up “Inventory Periods”

I have decided to upgrade the client to V5 and get rid of the problem that way.

My reliable informant has told me to start looking in CU5895.

variable PostingDateForClosedPeriod and InvtPeriod.IsValidDate