Post Financial Inventory


In what scenario, the Post Financial Inventory won’t be checked? Because when PO invoicing and SO invoicing, no ledger posting at all? Sounds weird.


It is to do with costing. Imagine you have 5 warehouses in one site, you do not care about the cost at each warehouse, just site, so you uncheck it at warehouse. Take it the other way - do you want to know and track the financial cost of each batch, in addition to the warehouse and site, if yes tick it. Look at the on hand screen, filter by the dimensions, the cost field will change, but only if you have the financial inventory tracked at the level of the dimension.

Thanks Adam.

Actually I mean the check box on the item model group settings.

Oh Okay [:D]

You may not want to cost service items through the ledger but you might want to stock them to track levels. Anything like that really. Some use it for resources. It is an option, some businesses use it, others do not.