post error

Hi, We are upgrading Navision 2.60 W1 to Navision 3.70 W1 to one of our customers. We are facing some problems. When we post a sales order it displays the following error: The VAT Posting Setup does not exist. VAT Bus. Posting Group=’’, VAT Prod. Posting Group=’’ We have created both the posting groups and also the setup. These posting groups have been referred both in Customer master and Item master. But still the problem persists. We have checked the fields in sales header and sales line, they are not blank. Please Help. This is very URGENT. Thanks and regards vikas

Hm, as far as I remember VAT posting groups were already introduced in 2.60. So I don’t know why you have the problem during the upgrade. However, you schould perform 2 tasks: 1. Write a batch/report to update all the VAT fields in sales headers and lines (related to the customer and item) and don’t forget to validate the fields. 2. Create a sales order manually and find out WHY the VAT fields are not filled. Good luck. If you face further problems please ask. Walter