Post Code & City

Dear All,

I am not able to enter the city without the Post code.

Please help me how to enter the City without the Post Code.




Which version you are using ? what is the error you are receiving… Please specify…

If you are in the Post Code table itself and using NAV 4.0 or newer: You can’t. In the Table-designer the field is defined not to be blank. And I think you should leave it that way. If you are allowed to create a city without Post Code I guess you 'll have problems with records (eg Customers) containing no (=blank) Post Codes…

Post Code is Primary Key field in the respective table, it can’t be blank, as said already.

Why do you need to leave it blank - if you simply don’t kow it, these can be found for almost every country in the web (country Post Offices pubish this info, and not only they) even by street address, not only city. Besides, Cronus demo database contains rather many postcodes, but, there are not many India cities…

Yes i accept this… If you are not sure about postal code. just enter some dummy code for a while. Later change this…

Dynamics Nav,

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