Post Charge/Stock variation on purchase receipt


I want to thank in advance if somone could help on this question.

Like in AX previous versions I try to use the Charge/Stock Variation postings to get a specific posting required in Portugal.


  • I setup the “Post to charge account in ledger” in AP Parameters.

  • I setup the accounts for Charge and Stock variation on inveoty posting

And I’m getting the postings as expected in all accounts:

The only thing that I don’t get, as expected, is the the way the Purchase, charge account is posted: Credit/Correction.

In previous versions these account was posted in debit.

The questions is: is there any way I can get the postings of the Charge account as a regular debit instead of a Creditng/Correction?

Note: I don’thave the options for posting credtis as corrections active.

Thansk again.

Best regards