post and print

Admin addressing an end user task concerning their post and print routine. The users, as is their habit, run a ‘post batch’ and once it sails off to the printer that ‘once only’ affect is complete. If there’s a printer problem and its a worst case scenario the users must manual run through the process and verify the date (matching). Is there are fix here? Something in Navision that would ‘save’ the post batch in case the data becomes compromized because of a printing issue. Surely there’s a safety mechanism that may redeem the users sincere efforts. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks. Chuck

The Print is done after the records are commited to the database, so there is no roll-back at that point. If it is a persistant problem then maybe you need to look at your printers. you could post smaller batches! you could get your NSC to add a “Batch No.” field to the tables but it would be at a cost! David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: