Post a PO to multiple vendors and absorb the cost of service into the item.

Hello all:

I need to create a Purchase order for a vendor A that I buy Item A at $100. I also have a third party freight charge for this shipment from Vendor B for $5. Now I want this frieght charge to be part of the cost of the item when bringing into inventory. How can I create a PO so that it will create a Payable for 100 to vendor A, but bring in the item at $105. And also be able to pay the freight vendor on another PO?

Let me know if you have any suggestions or more clarifications.



You need to process the frieght charge as a miscellaneous cost against the first invoice, and process the invoice in from B as a service item.

Is it a company requirement to create PO for the Vendor B?

Coz if not you can create a miscellaneous charges code Freight-VendorB and have the posting profile to Debit to Item and credit to Vendor B.

Thank you all for responding.

Brian: If I want to use the vendor account for crediting using for the Misc charge code, how can I specify the vendor account number for vendor B? I only have the option to credit to a legder account.

If we select Vendor on the credit section of teh misc charge code it will credit the vendor A on teh PO.



AX considers the processes separate, you process the purchase order form B and then add a miscellaneous charge to the order from A.

Adam: Ok, so if I use a Misc Charge code, I will need the credit posting section of the Misc code to point to a ledger account? Then when I pay the vendor B using another PO, I should debit into the ledger account that was there in the credit section of the Misc Charge code.

Adam: Ok, if use the Misc charge then what should be the credit section of teh Misc charge code? Selecting a ledger account will create a credit posting to the ledger account. So this account will have a credit balance.

Now when I pay the the vendor B for the services, I should use a service type item for freight and post a debit against teh ledger account that was in the credit section of the Misc charge code.

That sounds about right from my memory - best way is to set it up and run it through!


I am facing the same challenge trying to post third party charges to a purchase invoice. i have tried the suggestion above, by Adam, but the results were disappointing.

what i did was, i specified the cost account for third party expenses in the credit section of the the charge code. i also specified this same account in the Purchase Expenditure for Expenses posting type in Inventory posting for the third part vendor group.

after adjusting the charges on the purchase invoice, the item receipt account increased by the charge amount, and the third party expense account was credited. and then after posting the third party invoice, using a service type item, i posted the same amount, which increased the third party vendor’s AP, and debited the third party expense account.

this has canceled out the amounts posted to the third party expense account. any way around this issue? is it possible to tamper with the posting accounts in such a way that the expense account keeps it’s debit amount of the posted service purchase invoice?

please let me know if you’ve solved the issue already and if not i’d appreciate any input on this.