Post a PO Receipt Reversal reversal

I have an issue in AX 2009 SP1RU7 where we have a PO that was received in full on the 18th, invoiced on the 21st then a negative ( in full ) packing slip was posted on the 23rd so we have invoiced the PO in full but show that nothing was received. to correct this we were going to attempt to post a packing slip for the entire PO amount so the net is received is the total amount for the PO. The PO in question has one line item and the item is of type Service.

So when we attempt to post the packing slip, we get the following error ( when using receive now ): “Quantity 6,400.00 cannot be received because items have already been returned.”

Next, i tried to register the qty i wanted to receive but got this error: “Not more than 0.00 can be reversed.”

So because some has been returned, i thought maybe picking the qty would help but got there error: “Quantity 6,400.00 cannot be picked because inventory transactions with status On order, Reserved ordered or Reserved physical are insufficient.”

So i am out of ideas on how to correct this. We only need to have the net receipt amount match the original receipt. we have 6400 received, -6400 received and would like 6400 to be received so we net to what we physically received.

alternatively, we have -6400 left to invoice. should we invoice the -6400 then create a new line and backdate all transactions so they match up in terms of periods?


You need to post the invoice for the -6400 qty first then only system allows you to receive the other 6400. After invoicing receiving the other 6400 and post the invoice for them with proper dates.