Post a payment discount

Hi all,

How to apply a payment discount for a customer on a jounal line ( which is an invoice but was not entered as an invoice in Navision). When doinf the opening balance the transaction ( invoice) was entered as a blank journal line with a due date entered. Now we want to post a discount for that customer.

Any help please??/


In Customer Ledger Entries form you have 2 fields:

  • Remaining Pmt. Disc. Possible
  • Pmt. Discount Date

You can insert today date in Pmt. Discount Date and insert discount amount in Remaining Pmt. Disc. Possible

Thnaks Nuno.

I did that but I am not able to validate that the discount was taken from the customer ledger entries. I do not see also that info on my discount account .so how can I check that it is done properly?? And also no calculation is done to give me balance on the “Apply Customer entries screen”. Also the “Pmt. Disc. Amount” field is not updated as I expected.

What am I doing wrong??


Invoice is still open? Didi you confirmed remaining invoice amount ?

The problem is that the entry wasn’t posted with a document type of Invoice. You’ll need to manually create an entry to record the payment discount.

You’re right Alex. All opening balances was done with blank as document type not invoice type. all discounts have also been entered through a blank gl entry in the discount gl account.

now the question is: how can I make sure customer takes discounts and also my discount account is updated?