Possible to use C/side dev program on a PC on an external network to create a table?

The setup is:

Database: Azure SQL with database auth

NAV server instance: Azure VM with client and management port open to the internet

Devepment PC: On a different network (local “home” pc) , with c/side, nav klient and the hosts file edited so that the Azure VM name = its public IP

On the development PC the C/side dev program can open the database and NAV klient when running a page or table.

However when trying to create a table it pops up an error message with some suggestions like open the management port, run c/side as admin or disable UAC (all of which has been tried).

I have no problem creating tables with c/side on the Azure VM with the NAV instance or from another Azure VM on the same network.

Is this issue solveable so that it is possible to use c/side remotely to create tables without installing a NAV instance or use a VPN connection to the server with the instance etc.?

I didn’t find a solution other that installing a NAV instance and connect through that - was hoping to avoid that.