Possible To Reverse The Ending Of A Works Order ?

Can somebody confirm that there is no possible way of reversing an ended works order, i.e. putting it back to started, so something else can be issued to it.

It was ended a little prematurely without the item actually being issued to it…

Any help would be appreciated…



No there is no possible way of doing this due to all of the costing implications once complete - I presume you had the accept error ticked then?

You will need to write off the stock and during the period close adjust the cost of the inventory produced if you want to correct the cost.

Thanks for that Adam, as I expected…

Incidentally the item hadn’t been put on the WO’s BOM. (but the ‘accept error’ is ticked also)

Just to clarify then :-

Should I use a Counting Jnl or Movement Jnl to write off this stock+value ?

Then in Closing & Adjustment - Select> ‘Close Procedure’ > ‘2.Check Cost Prices’ > and then specify the Item Number…

Normally we just select > ‘3.Close’ when running the month end’s close & adjust, so have never specified it for an Item Number. Does selecting ‘2. Check Cost Prices’ give you the option of entering in the correct cost ?

Thanks for your help…

Hi Aaron

There is no difference between the counting journal or movement journal, except the movement journal will use the associated expense account, the counting will use the loss account on the item group.

Whilst going through the close procedure I believe you use the adjustment button. This is used to post the cost adjustments, but you would need to read the manual - I am not in finance so a little fuzzy in this area.