Possible to Raise two invoices for one order?

Hi there,

I have a customer that requires us to provide a separate invoice for each truck arriving at their warehouse.

Their order to us is not split though so we enter the entire order into a sales order. The order gets picked and invoiced. If the order fits on multiple trucks we only provide one invoice covering the whole order.

When the order arrives at the customer they receive the first truck and close the order in their system. When the remaining trucks arrive they get rejected.

The customer is not willing to split their orders so I need to find a solution to this problem .Is it possible in Navision to split the invoice to match the quantity loaded per truck?

Appreciate any ideas / advice.



Best way you create sepearate shipment for shipping of material in mualtiple trucks.

Then go the Invoices -->Fill the details in Header and then Click on Functions–> Click on Get Shipment Lines–> Select Shipment which need to invoiced and after checking all details Post the invoice.

Hi Amol,

Thanks for your reply. The issue I have is that when we receive the order we don’t yet know where to split the order. The order needs to be picked and palletised before we know how many pallets and therefore how many trucks.

So we have to enter the total order as a sales order for the warehouse to pick the stock. Then they confirm how many pallets. At this point I’d like to split the invoice according to the number of trucks.

Does that make sense?



Is there any info available for truck capacity means How many pallets one truck can ship?

Hi Amol,

Yes we have a general idea how many pallets fit onto a truck. However, when the order is received it is not in full pallet quantities so it is difficult to estimate the number of full pallets the order will be once it’s picked and packed. There may be 2 cartons of sku 1, 10 cartons sku 2, 5 cartons sku 3 etc making up the pallets.



In such case may be you can ship the entire quantity of Sales order & than bring the shipment lines in Sales invoice by FUNCTION>GET SHIPMENT LINES and after that change the quantity (by this time your trucks would have been loaded & you know how much quantity you need to put for first truck’s invoice) in sales invoice lines & post the first invoice. repeat this till you have all your trucks filled up and ready to [ap]

hope this works [^o)]

Hi Pavan,

Thanks for your reply. I’ll give this a try and see how it works for all concerned.

I’ll let you know once tested.