Possible to kill sessions of idling users?

Can the following be achieved? In Navision SQL Option environment, I wish to have a tracking system that will kill the session of a user if he has been Away or Idle for more a certain period. (e.g. 1 hour) Please advice! Thank you. [:D]

There are several ways to do this. Expandit.com i.e. have a solution for this.

Hi Helena, Take a look at the session killer, you can find on mynavision.net /Sven

Hi Sven, I have downloaded & tried the Session Killer, however, it does not automatically kill a session if the user is idle for a specific time. But I came across the Application Task Killer at mibuso.com (ex mynavision.com). Description fits but have not tried. Hope it works! [|)]

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You can use sqlserver2000 command “kill spid”

Hi Helena, Application Task Killer works fine, unfortunately we figured out recently that only up to W95/W98, the application did not work with W2k Pro… Saludos Nils