Possible to change item "dimension group" setting?


In AX 4.0, I have a item dimension group with Warehouse and Location setting. The Warehouse is TICK with “Financial inventory” setting, that mean the cost is calculated by warehouse.

After few year of transactions, user decide to calculate the WAC by item, not by warehouse. Is it possible to change the existing item to another Dimension group “Warehouse & Location” where “Financial inventory” is NOT TICK.

Kindly advice.


Hi Kong yu,

Yes you can change the dimension group of the item which has transactions and replace it with new dimension group.

But you can not change the dimension setups in the dimension group form.


Hi Santhy,

I get message "The new dimension group cannot be assigned. Other financial dimensions apply and physical inventory transactions might exist and/or financial inventory transactions are not fully settled.

Any solution to overcome this?


Kong yu

Hi Kong yu,

As i told you, if transactions are there or not fully settled then you can not do any modifications in the dimensions. You need to create the new dimension & assign it to item again with the same dimension setups which old dimension group is having.


The inventory transaction should be closed before doing this, in order to avoid the inconsistency